We Don't Have Your Email Address

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • When you renewed either directly with BCA or via your club, you didn't provide an email address.
  • Joint members may be recorded with their partner's email address.
  • You have supplied more than one email address to BCA/BCRA.
  • Your club has not passed your email address on.
  • Your email address has changed.
  • There has been a typing error somewhere along the line.


What To Do

  1. If you are a member of BCA via your club (CIM), please check that they have your correct email address and that they have passed it on to the BCA.
  2. If you are a joint member, try your partner's email address.
  3. Try all the email addresses you might have given BCA/BCRA one at a time.
  4. Otherwise, or in addition, you can send an email to the BCA Online Administrator giving your:

    • Email address.
    • Full name.
    • BCA membership number (found on your membership card).
    • Full address.


Please note your request will be dealt with by an unpaid volunteer, so don't expect an instant response.

BCA Online